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10 trends for weddings in 2020

10 trends for weddings in 2020

Stunning and spectacular! This is what weddings will be like in 2020, thanks to the new trends and styles that the industry’s professionals are presenting.

Everyone thinks that January is the season when fewer people are waiting to get married, but the reality is that they are not. The wedding industry does not rest. And that is great news!

We are just starting the year, and we can already see how the experts in the industry have revealed these trends in terms of styles, colors and shapes that will be a tendency in 2020.

Surely your Christmas surprise was an engagement ring and you are already planning your wedding. So you can’t miss this article in which we reveal the new ideas and trends that will capture attention at weddings.

  1. ‘Office style’ wedding dresses

Just like you read it. The classic and romantic wedding dresses compete with more avant-garde designs, in which new cuts and silhouettes, previously unimaginable for a wedding, stand out. We talk about wedding dresses that include jackets, blazers, vests with flaps, pieces similar to office outfits, and that for the occasion of a wedding are complemented with long skirts with volume or midi, which gives a trendy and cosmopolitan touch to the bridal look. Everything indicates that the most sober will be worn.

  1. Jewelry and accessories ‘maxi

This trend in jackets and blazers makes the wedding dress look simple, that doesn’t mean it’s not stunning or sophisticated. The key is also to include great accessories, thus giving way to another trend in bridal style: wearing bridal jewelry and maxi accessories, which achieve a flattering balance. The key is to balance the proportions and not look overloaded with what you choose for your day.

  1. The bridesmaids’ dresses

The days when bridesmaids were dressed alike are ending, but that doesn’t mean there’s a free route for everything either. In 2020, the bride will continue to choose her bridesmaids’ dresses to ensure that they match her aesthetic, but she will take into account her complexion and skin tone so that everyone feels happy and at ease on the big day.

Experts have mentioned that the bride will be bold enough to pre-select the color palettes and silhouettes she likes, and then ask the bridesmaids to choose something within that range.

  1. Customizable groom’s suits

Gone are the days of conventional wedding suits and now we welcome avant-garde proposals that involve both what is in trend and aspects of romanticism in the groom’s style. Therefore, for the most daring ones, we will find black and white suits decorated with embroidery and stones (on lapels, pockets and sides).

In addition, the trend suggests for the bride and groom to take risks in using other colors, apart from black or white, for their suits. Also as a trend, we find the checkered and pinstripe suits, following the elegant line of the French man of the 20s, in neutral colors like gray, blue, even dark green. These tones will continue to conquer the male public.

  1. Flowers and decoration

The care and attention to detail will be the focal point of weddings in this 2020 and the most opulent and exaggerated options will be a little left out.

Bouquets and centerpieces will be simpler and more natural. Industry insiders agree that cultivated flowers like roses will no longer be worn, and wildflowers and herbs will be preferred. This option will still be elegant, but without so much extravagance.

By 2020, well-known wedding florists such as Nikki Tibblesse recommend dried flowers, herbs from the pampas and potted plants, while wedding planners such as Tina Tharwani point out that perennial origami flowers are a growing trend thanks to their potential for preservation and reuse.

  1. Metallic for a ‘glam’ wedding

A wedding with metallic decoration is a trend that has been strongly established and will continue to position itself in 2020 as the favourite for the bride and groom. The reason for this? By incorporating elements and details in metallic tones, you will give a glamorous status to the wedding. You can incorporate them in the invitation cards, centerpieces, space decoration. The glitter effect fits in with an evening wedding, while the matte is ideal for daytime or outdoor weddings.

  1. Sustainability matters

No matter what kind of wedding you have in mind, sustainability will be one of the paradigms of this 2020. Everything points to couples changing paper invitations to digital ones, or printing them on paper with seeds, which can be planted after use.

Even a vegan menu will soon no longer fall into the category of “special requests”, as 2020 will be the year when the vegan and eco-friendly wedding menu will be the trend.

This year the bride and groom are encouraged to think about the second life of the flowers when the wedding is over, either by donating them to a local residence or encouraging guests to take them home and enjoy them.

  1. Finger food or international food stations

Food stands from all over the world are still on the rise: Japanese, Mexican, Spanish, Oriental, etc. The key is to locate them in corners or stations in strategic places of the venue. One particularity for 2020 is finger food, a type of cuisine in which small snacks and synthesized dishes are prepared to be taken with the fingers, without complications and far from the protocol.

  1. Environmental lighting

Excellent lighting can make your wedding venue shine in the evening or under the moonlight. Playing with light, integrating natural and artificial light, will help you create unique and romantic atmospheres on that day. Ambient lighting plays a leading role in weddings, and not only outdoors but also indoors, setting the tone and mood of the moment.

Imagine the place as a ‘light box’ and with the help of the wedding planner and professionals, integrate the natural lighting. To do this, experts recommend relying on luminous curtains, microled bulbs and even candlesticks and candleholders.

  1. Hanging Catering

Wedding planning professionals use ceiling mounted and suspended elements for the catering and cocktail areas.

This modality was already being implemented in some specific cases, but not from the dessert table or hanging drinks. Can you imagine the wedding cake suspended on a ring, decorated with flowers and foliage? Or a drink bar installed on swings or bases? This is something you will surprise and your guests will talk about, because of the originality.

As we have revealed, 2020 comes with trends that integrate the ‘wow’ factor into each one. So it depends on your tastes and preferences to include them in the organization of your wedding.

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