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5 tips to choose your bridal bouquet

5 tips to choose your bridal bouquet

One of the most important aspects of a bridal look is the bouquet, which is the focal point that brings color and joy to such an important day. That’s why you should choose the right one according to your style, tastes and other important aspects.

Come and find out!

If you want to make the right choice, just follow these tips and find out which one is right for you!

With these 5 steps you will be able to choose the right bouquet for your wedding.

1. Combine each type of bouquet with the wedding dress

It is no secret that the focal point of each bride’s appearance is the bouquet.  Of course… all the focus is on the bride and the chosen style for the occasion, but the bouquet is a special touch for a real bride.  That’s why it’s essential to know what kind of bouquet will best fit the dress you’ve chosen.

Bouquet: this type of bouquet is one of the most requested by brides. It is a round bouquet simulating half a sphere. Its diameter is usually no more than 30 centimeters and is made up of smaller flowers. This type of bouquet is the perfect choice for wedding dresses with simple bodies and more elaborate skirts, such as princess-cut wedding dresses or those with voluminous skirts.

Basket bouquet: this bouquet is very fashionable nowadays. It consists of any type of seasonal flower. It is characterized by being casual, simple, with a lot of fall and a touch boho. If you have decided to celebrate a country or rustic wedding, this will have been the perfect choice… If you have decided to wear a languid wedding dress with light fabrics and a lot of movement, with lace or embroidered flowers, this bouquet is yours.

Asymmetrical: One of the most seen branches in wedding and inspiration blogs. It is a bouquet made up of very different flowers placed in such a way that they look messy but are perfectly designed to be strategically placed. This type of bouquet is ideal if combined in powdered shades with halter-neck wedding dresses. Simple yet sophisticated, and the heart neckline wedding dresses, where the bouquet takes on an important role.


Long-stemmed: This is a style of bouquet that can be similar to the bouquet but is differentiated by the type of flower and the stem of the flowers, which are much longer and finer. They are perfect for tall women who choose dresses according to their height. With this bouquet they will be the reference for Elegance and sobriety that contrast with colorful and simple flowers.

Cascade: this type of bouquet is one in which the flowers cascade downwards, as its name suggests. They are very vertical and ideal for tall brides. It’s a classic style that goes very well if you opt for a bridal veil. Nowadays it is a less used bouquet, but if combined with the right flowers, it can be perfect for your big day.

2. Consider the shape of your body

Although it sounds strange, the shape of our body often determines that we have to choose between one style or another, one shoe or another, one type of headdress or another, and this also applies to the bridal bouquet. The importance that the bouquet has in the construction of the wedding look is something that cannot go unnoticed, for that reason it is fundamental to choose the bouquet that better adapts to our figure and that we combine it to the perfection with the rest of the stylism.

Hourglass: if your figure is narrower at the waist and you have more volume in your chest and hips, the best thing to do is to choose an empire-cut wedding dress, an evasé type or a mermaid line design, which will fit your figure and mark your curves. For this type of cut it is advisable to wear a bouquet or waterfall type wedding bouquet.

Pear: if you are wider in the hips than in the shoulders, but your forms are rounded and well defined, the princess cut, A-line or, if you are risky, a short wedding dress, are the best options. Bringing volume to the hip area will make you look a little more inconspicuous, and that, along with a cascading, wild or asymmetrical bouquet, will make your style a 10.

Triangle: your silhouette is characterized by being very narrow in shoulders and wide in hips, so it is ideal to opt for open neckline type boat or sloping shoulders and provide volume at the bottom to disguise the hip. The ideal bouquet for this body type is the asymmetrical or cascading as the flowers at different heights are stylish.

Round: if your silhouette looks like this, go for the waterfall or asymmetrical bouquet fashion that will stylize you much more along with a nice empire-cut wedding dress. Exceptional!

3. Consider your personality

If you’re one of those traditional brides, pick a traditional bouquet. This can be classified as one of the most popular because of its easy handling.

Romantic brides can wear a cascading bouquet. That will be the best option. It is a cascade of flowers covering the hands, pretending to fall to the ground.

The detailed brides are encouraged to bring a bouquet Domo, bonche, posy or clutch. In this case, once the flowers have been chosen, the stems are joined at the base with some detail representing the bride: a beautiful fabric, an antique lace, a family brooch.

A Boho bride wears a basket bouquet which is one of the most economical and simple bouquets. It can be made with any seasonal flower and has a casual style.

The refined Bride chooses a bouquet in which the flowers are placed in such a way that you can wear it resting in one of your arms, as if you were showing it to your guests. It is characterized by having the stems longer than normal.

4. Think about seasonal flowers according to the time of year

Each season of the year brings a different atmosphere and a unique setting. In the flowers, which are an important part of our wedding, the season is also visible.

For an autumn wedding, flowers that bloom in the summer and last a few months longer are ideal. An example of this is the dahlia, the heather; a perfect plant that lasts a long time until it dries out and still looks the same. Warm bridal bouquets with texture and colour

For a winter wedding there are two alternatives. On the one hand, opt for the cold colours that remind us of snow, and on the other, warm colours to make a wedding surrounded by low temperature, a welcoming event. The perfect winter flowers for your bouquet can be: tulips, anemones, buttercups, coves, roses or astilbe.

When the wedding takes place in spring, the color begins to flood the fields and the color range becomes much more extensive. You can add color to your event and your bouquet with flowers such as peonies, paniculata, lavender, roses, carnations.

And this explosion of colour gives way to the summer season. Summer weddings can be filled with roses, daisies, peonies, carnations, dahlias, or a host of other flowers that you can use to decorate your wedding bouquet.

5. According to the style of the wedding

We can quickly think of a type of flower that fits your wedding style. To do this we must know the wedding styles we can choose from:

Classic wedding: classic and soft colors like white, nude pink or a peach. It is ideal to use roses, poppies, hydrangeas, peonies, camellias and wild bouquets. These will be your allies to wear a perfect bouquet.

Romantic wedding: if you are going to celebrate the wedding in a garden, a church or a cozy chapel with a very natural environment and with natural shades, such as green, blue, brown or white; it is best to bet on a bouquet with the color nude, in contrast with the bright color of wild flowers or the green of the leaves or ivy. Gardenias, carnations, camellias, lavender, paniculata…

Modern wedding: choose for the asymmetrical point provided by the long-stemmed flowers with other rounded and smaller ones. These shapes of your bouquet can be adapted to the venue so that everything goes in the same line. Opt for flowers such as orchids, tulips, roses or camellias and choose pastel shades.

Vintage wedding: this type of wedding requires a bouquet of flowers in nude tones in contrast to darker ones. For this style of wedding, you can choose the flowers you want and make a combination of wild flowers.

Rustic wedding: if your wedding will be in this style, opt for a wild bouquet or eco casual, but beautiful and completely in line with the wedding style being celebrated. Lavender, craspedias, paniculata or even spikes will be the protagonists.

City wedding: if you are celebrating a cosmopolitan wedding in the city center, your bouquet should be eclectic and modern. Opt for long-stemmed flowers such as tulips or roses. With these tips we hope you will have more lights and choose the perfect bouquet for that special day.

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